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Stealth Lures

Stealth Lures

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The Stealth Rig is the most durable a-rig EVER made! With almost 6 years of prototyping, testing, and improving, the Stealth Rig has truly been put to the test. If you are tired of having broken arms every trip out, then look no further! The Stealth Rig’s patented design allows for hundreds (if not thousands) of fish catches without failure. It comes standard with premium components that are strong and built to last! 

The Stealth Rig’s completely clear look was originally designed to “disappear” in the water. This super natural look gives the angler an edge in high pressured areas! The Stealth Rig pulses really well and has a completely different sound/vibration compared to other standard metal arigs on the market. 

Another industry first is the built-in scent chamber located inside the head. Inject your favorite scent into the head through any of the 6 holes and it will slowly leak out while reeling it in. This will leave a scent trail and can definitely turn some of those followers into eaters! 

There are no other arigs on the market that is as advanced as this one!


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